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1、Telephone consultation, online communication, mutual understanding of each other's background and ideas;

2、Interested friends: you need to fill in the application form for the local market;

3、The applicant and the company, to provide the company with the provisions of the documents; the applicant's ability to operate the data file, in order to make a preliminary assessment of eligibility audit; qualified to take the next step;

4、After the first instance qualified, if necessary, invite the applicant to the company site visits, in order to further understand the company's strength and background;

5、The applicant and the company signed a local market proxy authorization agreement, pay margin, issue the certificate of authorization plaque;

6、In the first two months of cooperation: the company arranged a unified product knowledge training, sales skills to enhance training, corporate culture and other aspects of the concept of knowledge training in the following six areas;

7、If you have any questions or suggestions please: electric lighting wealth Hotline:400-88565282